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Vin Diesel


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Grateful to have to know you. Thank you for exploring our Universal quest for the heroic ideal. More importantly thank you for that powerful smile that made us all feel like we mattered. We will miss you.
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Proud, blessed and grateful... Bloodshot
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The future will be a spiritual one... leadwithlove
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@ReachOutWW for the 4th annual Game4Paul charity event! @xbox Oct 11th. So Proud!
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Guess who came to surprise me on set... BLOODSHOT
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Five years since we celebrated your last birthday... not a day goes by... Always.
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Bloodshot state of mind...
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Table Mountain... what a beautiful Country... All love.
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We’ve come a long way... blessed and grateful.
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I was lucky enough to watch the Blood Moon from Africa... it was such a profound moment. I couldn’t help but to reflect on the legendary General’s words... “We will find a way... or we will make one”.
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From the Guardians Family... We are Groot!