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Mana. Gratitude. Tequila. And not necessarily in that order..

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LINK TO BUY IN BIO 👆🏾👟🔥 You’ve just made my new #ProjectRock1 #1 #1. #UnderArmour #ProjectRock1s #1Seller HardestWorkerInTheRoom
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Boardin’ ze bird 🦅 Because ze rent is always muzefuckin’ due. Very productive week of work filming “Hobbs & Shaw” and jumpin’ on this flyin’ Silver Eagle daily. Also getting to wear test (RENT’S DUE) all my new gear for my next @underarmour #ProjectRock #WheelsUp #BullsDown_ RentsDue
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‪In 2012 I watched a documentary about a young, unknown British female pro wrestler & her wonderfully crazy and loving wrestling family. I loved it and instantly identified with her and her family — because it reminded me of MY wonderfully, loving and fucking crazy wrestling family. Many of you know my history;) ‪I knew it was a story that I had to tell along with our @sevenbucksprod team. That girl who I saw in that documentary would go on to superstardom as the @RealPaigeWWE along with her relentless female co-workers wound help redefine and usher the spectacular @WWE women’s wrestling the world enjoys today. The PERFECT actress to embody Paige and bring her story to life is my homegirl and absolutely brilliant actress @florencepugh. Florence took “commitment” to the next level. To write and direct this unique, one of a kind wrestling “slice of life” comedy is my long time buddy, brilliant collaborator and twin, @stephenmerchant. Here’s a taste of our first trailer. WATCH THE FULL TRAILER IN MY BIO 👆🏾 FightingWithMyFamily ‬ @MGM_Studios @kevin.misher @danygarciaco @sevenbucksprod
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Midweek carb up and takin’ these y pizzas 🍕 to pound town. Before our big action scenes tomorrow for HOBBS & SHAW, I get that glorious text from my strength and conditioning coach @daverienzi that says, “for your big scene tomorrow we need to fill you out more.. need you to eat pizza tonight and shoot me pics from the gym in the morning” — it worked. Muscle bellies are full, dense and striated. Achieving and maintaining a certain aesthetic for months while filming is such a crazy science that requires constant strategy and a surgical eye from a great coach. As scientific and intellectualized as this process can be - when you strip it all down to brass tacks, it basically means you gotta be fucking nuts to constantly commit to this discipline. Eh, I am what I am 😉🤷🏾‍♂️👊🏾 #HobbsAndShaw #CommitToTheCharacter #HobbsForTheWin PizzaPoundTown
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Boardin’ the 🦅 Goin’ wheels up daily to get to work to film Hobbs & Shaw (Fast & Furious spin-off film) — compressed time but makin’ it all work and always tryin’ to find that life/business balance. In other biz news, my next collection drop with @underarmour (Spring 2019) is gonna be killer. Check this new bad ass hoodie T. Solid bar underscoring The Bull can only mean one thing / #DoNotGoGentle #UnderArmour #NewCollection #ProjectRock #Spring2019 #YouReady? WheelsUp ✈️
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The ones - my limited edition #ProjectRock #1 #IronParadise. 1. And the fucked up calloused hands are up to you 😈 Train hard. Stay strong. Enjoy the headphones. LINK TO BUY IN BIO 👆🏾
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We lost a good one. What a man and what a life. Marvel’s original superhero and co-creator of IRON MAN, SPIDER-MAN, THE HULK, X-MEN etc. When I first broke into Hollywood, years ago he was so warm and welcoming to me - I’ll never forget it. He gave me very sage advice on navigating a career, that I’ll always carry. What a life he’s lived and how awesome that his imagination and universe creation impacted generations around the world. And for generations to come. Rest in love, my friend. #imagination stanlee 💫 📸 @hhgarcia41
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*LINK TO BUY IN BIO👆🏾🔥 From our new camo ProjectRock 1’s shoes 👟 to the new bad ass camo 🎧 to the new camo gym RoughSack bag. Thanks for making my new @underarmour collection #1. #ProjectRock #UnderArmour #ManInBlack HardestWorkerInTheRoom
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Big news to share - THANK YOU 🙏🏾 so much for making my new @underarmour #VeteransDayCollection #1 #ProjectRock #IronParadise, #1 VeteransDayCollection 👆🏾LINK IN BIO
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👆🏾LINK TO SHOP IN MY BIO Our new @underarmour x #ProjectRock #VeteransDayCollection. #VeteransDayCollection #ProjectRock UnderArmour Stay strong. Train hard. Enjoy the gear! LINK IN BIO 👆🏾
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I searched all across America and found the most extraordinary athletes that come from amazing backgrounds. Yup, many of them cried when I called them and told them they were selected. But ALL OF THEM gave me every ounce of sweat, guts and grit they had to become our TITAN CHAMPIONS. Get ready to see our bad ass TITAN competitors go head to head and push themselves beyond their limits, while conquering the most extreme obstacles imaginable -- trust me, I know because I created them 😈💪🏾 Titan’s aren’t born. They’re made. JANUARY 3RD catch @nbctitangames on @NBC. @ASmithCoProd @SevenBucksProd TITANGAMES