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She may have learned to say her Rs, but she’s still totally adorable. @Brielle
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I’m grateful to every one of you who helped me support these animals. #OneYearLater BeKindToElephants @dswt
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❤️. Watch the whole episode right now on @ellentube. Fearless @ashleygraham @lavernecox
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Dwayne Johnson’s new show "The Titan Games" is looking for people who want to prove they’re Titans. So I sent him Andy. Premieres January 3rd. @therock
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@AdamLevine is here tomorrow, and unfortunately for him, I found out he’s scared of rats.
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Someone is definitely falling down the chimney this year! The GameofGames Holiday Special is December 12th!
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This left me shook.
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Reunited. And it feels so good.
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If you get the chance to go to Costco with @MichelleObama, I highly recommend it.
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Good on you, Ronnell. @michelleobama
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@MichelleObama is here for the whole hour tomorrow. I’m so happy, I could sing. IAmBecoming
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@OfficialYoungDylan is the king of holiday toys.