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If you have a body, you are an athlete. #justdoit

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“I want my legacy to be universal.” @michaelbjordan’s dreams are bigger than the big screen. justdoit
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Don’t just dream of a place on the podium. Dream of a place in history. justdoit
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Don't chase records. Chase history. justdoit
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"People once told me that I couldn’t be a wrestler because I’m a woman.” World Championship finalist @yasemin.adar keeps doing what she was told she couldn’t. justdoit
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Just a small-town kid with big-city dreams. justdoit
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You don't need two legs to dream. justdoit See @alwaystri's story on our IGTV.
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Dreams don’t have an expiration date. justdoit
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Never stop chasing your crazy dreams. justdoit
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“My father used to tell me that the real dreamer is the one who dreams about the impossible.” justdoit
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Yesterday, 2:01:39 seemed crazy. Today, it’s the marathon world record. justdoit
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Don't just be the fastest marathon runner in the world. Be the fastest in history. justdoit @kipchogeeliud ⠀ Follow @nikerunning to watch Eliud and other runners take on their crazy dreams.
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“My crazy dream is to lose 500 pounds.” See @thatbigguy700’s story on our IGTV. justdoit