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🕊 I miss you 🕊
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Cotton Candy Clouds ☁️
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Meow!! As far as I’m concerned, leopard print is neutral 🐆 @goodamerican
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My Tribe is a vibe
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Your brain is a muscle- Start training it to see the positive side of things. Positive Mind = Positive Vibes
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That moment when you realize you’ve been brushing wrong your entire life is the same moment you realize you need to hide your new BURST brush from your friends.  My Limited Edition BURST Rose Gold brush has arrived!! @burstcare #burstambassador #rosegoldeverything #sohotrightnow brushburst (Hurry over to and grab yours now with code KHLOE10 for 10% off - they’ve got limited availability through Christmas!)
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My soul is complete because of you ❣️ Please, Father Time, can you slow down just a little 🙏🏽 I love being an Auntie and a Mommy
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Instagram vs Reality
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❣️ Peoples Choice Awards!!! ❣️Thank you with all of my heart!