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Jennifer Lopez


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The only thing stopping you is you! #Limitless SecondAct is now available to stream and download!!!! 🙌🏼♥️🙌🏼 Click the 🔗 in my bio and tag someone who inspires you to strive for more below ♥️
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You are my sunshine... ☀️ #limitless #availablethisfriday. #videocomingsoon secondact
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Love this edit.... #Repost limitless @secondactmovie @egt239 @jlo @vanessahudgens @miloanthonyventimiglia @leahremini
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You know my name... #teguste badbunny 🐰🔥🐰 full video in my bio!!! Keep it goin!!
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Another surprise screening!! @miloanthonyventimiglia @leahremini @egt239 #secondact youmightbenext
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Sugar and spice and everything nice... 💕🌸 #E&E thankheavenforlittlegirls
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Coming home... thank you everyone who made our historic trip to Qatar happen!! I love you... until next time... ♥️💋 @QatarAirways
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STREAM NOW!!! WATCH NOW!!! #TEGUSTE #musicanueva newmusic 🐰 @badbunnypr 🎶🔥🎶🔥
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I saw the saddest video today as I am headed back to the States... a father crying over the loss of his 22-yr-old son...all I could think is when is this gonna stop! We need to get control of this problem. Our kids lives and futures are at risk. I say this as a Mom!! Please, as a country we need to unite for the things that are right! Basic human rights! The right not to be shot down going to church going to school going to the movies, going to a concert going to hang out with friends at a bar!!! Before their lives even begin!! I’m sad, I’m sorry, I’m venting but my heart breaks and I just want it to stop!!! We are better than this. We have to be better than this. thousandoaks
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Working overtime but I don’t mind... grateful 🌸🌸