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Gigi Hadid


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⚁⚂ xx 🕊 [intoku] IMG Models Worldwide. twitter: gigihadid

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Lil, by my side always. 🙏 I know my timing’s off cause I’m down under (🇦🇺) but I want to wish this actual angel the happiest birthday ❤️ @lilyaldridge ❤️ finding a friend like you my first year in New York was truly a blessing. Forever kind, warm, and elegant, you are a remarkable beauty inside and out, and I can’t thank you enough for the way you have embraced and taken care of me since day one. (last pic was one of our first together, 2014?!) I love you sooooo mucho and wish you the happiest of years ! hopefully one filled w extra trips to Disneyland !!!!!! ❤️
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NEW NEW @MessikaJewelry 💎❤️ #MessikabyGigiHadid #MySoulbyGigiHadid MoveAddiction
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SURPRISE ! REEBOKxGIGI limited pieces drop December 7th in stores , FULL SEASON 1 COLLECTION drops Jan/Feb ‘19 !!!!! @reebok @reebokclassics more info soon :) x
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COVER 2 / WATCHIN U @chaossixtynine by @cassblackbird 💚
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catch of the day / girls saving girls ! NEW @chaossixtynine COVER by the epic @cassblackbird ! so much love for the duo that is @chaos tysm !!!! & loooove you @micarganaraz, I’d save you any day 😜🌊🧡
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@suspiciousantwerp cozy ☕️ before a busy week ! ❤️🍁 suspiciousantwerppartner
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afterparty 🍸💕 thanks to my @versace family & @mimi for always makin my dreams come true ! big shoutout @ctilburymakeup @anthonyturnerhair and their AMAZING teams for taking such good care of all of us all day & night ! 🙏✨ @victoriassecret
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I had the best time Thursday night @victoriassecret 💗 on Dec 2nd we share the full show with the world, but those couple of days we truly shared with each other. I feel so lucky to be able to work with not only incredibly inspiring women I’ve looked up to what feels like my entire life, but a full cast of girls who genuinely embraces supporting, LOVING, and uplifting one another. I am so proud of all of you, I have so much love for you (pictured or not)- the sisterhood grows so quickly and naturally, even with girls who just met this week. Huge thanks to Ed, @10magazine, @monica.mitro, @johndavidpfeiffer for having me again -you know it’s forever a dream come true and honor ! - and to every single person who worked their a**es off all year and week behind the scenes for showday to be such a beautiful, positive, epic, and emotional one, WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL SO MUCH! CANT WAIT FOR EVERYONE TO SEE THE SHOW @abcnetwork December 2nd !! VSFS2018
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Feelin extra fresh headed to my second @victoriassecret show fitting bc ivoted today ! Sticker even changed looks w me 😄 Ps. Can’t waaaiiiiitttt for VS rehearsals tomorrow & can’t wait for u to see my looks / the show 📺 airing Dec 2nd on ABC !
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Happiest Birthday to my amazing dad, you have never stopped cracking me (& yourself) up 🤣 !!! love you more than words can say and can’t wait to celebrate you this week @mohamedhadid ❤️🎂
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Heading to @victoriassecret show fittings is very exciting ! 💕 and SO IS THE FACT THAT WE GET TO GO VOTE TOMORROW FOR WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO US AND WHAT WE WANT OUR COUNTRY TO LOOK LIKE !!!!!! Please vote tomorrow if you haven’t already ☺️🙏🗳 A lot of us have work, but polls open @ 6-7am and close around 7-8pm, check your voting location & make a plan ! x
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#HMOSCHINO #HMOSCHINO ad @hm @moschino