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Where does the time go?
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😢💙😩 sending peace and prayers to my brothers and to the big homie Puff. Love ya’ll and I am so sorry.
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I encourage all of you to seek out mentors that challenge you to think for yourself and guide you to find your own voice.
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This always my face when I look up to the 300 level and see people in the seats
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Miami Night One
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I love seeing my brothers thriving and living @biglean_ back home style da degreeeeeeeees
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You know how I’m scumming 🤞🏽
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Happy birthday to one of my truest compadres. An alliance that can never be broken. Love you brother always and wish you so many more years of whatever you desire! Anything for bro @frenchmontana MORE LIFE
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Toronto Raptors OVO City Edition jersey available at midnight @welcomeovo @raptors
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Send nudes.